OBACKS - VoIP Services


  • VOIP Services
    VOIP Services

    Take advantage of the new Voice over IP technology that eliminates the need for traditional public telephone lines and on-site server based equipment. Telephones communicate across any internet data connection providing a fully integrated solution.
    Because our servers have full redundancy and failover capabilities to other facilities you can be assured you have the highest availability for this service.

  • OBACKS - Email Hosted Exchange
    Hosted Exchange
    With a Hosted Exchange from OBACKS, we'll reliably host and manage your email communications so you're not dealing with the hassle-or the expense of centralized business class email. We can provide you with enterprise-level solutions on a small business budget, complete with an intelligent spam filter and technical support for when you're away from the office. Even when you're out of the office - away on vacation or on a business trip, OBACKS Hosted Exchange can help you sync your mobile device with your desktop email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes instantly. We can support the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android handheld devices, so you can have your business information on the go without any worries.
  • OBACKS - Online Backup
    Online Backup
    OBACKS remote or offsite data backup allows users to back up data to a different location over existing internet bandwidth. This gives your business the ability to implement a data protection strategy that includes offsite storage of your computers' data without requiring physical transportation of the data from your location to another remote storage location - which often means a company employee taking tapes in his car to his home. You can define your backup schedule and our backup software will securely send your data to our data center instantly. Now, you can rest easy with OBACKS remote data backup.
  • OBACKS - Web Hosting
    Web Hosting
    Reliability is critical for a website, especially one that handles transactions and other mission-critical functions. If you've ever directed a customer or client to your website, or said the words: "visit our website for more information," then your website ought to be up and running. A reliable web hosting package can be the difference in whether people become frequent visitors to your site or if they make one trip and never return. OBACKS provides safe, reliable servers that offer easy access to maintaining your website needs.